The Dave Portnoy and Roger Goodell feud was once again brought to light during the Washington Commanders’ Daniel Snyder fiasco.

Snyder and the Commanders’ organization are under investigation for a number of looming issues. 

However, it was the Barstool Sports founder and NFL commissioner who stole headlines on Wednesday. 

Goodell, who was on trail, was originally asked if he believes in the first amendment. 

The commissioner confirmed he does indeed believe in the amendment. He was then asked a follow up question in reference to Dave Portnoy.  

Portnoy shared the video of Goodell’s response on his Twitter account and referred to the NFL commissioner as ‘Hitler.’

Portnoy (An avid Patriots fan) and Barstool employees protested the NFL’s handling of the New England Patriots’ “Deflategate” outside of the NFL headquarters. 

Portnoy and a friend also wore disguises and attempted to sneak into the 2018 Super Bowl media day.  

The duo was charged with criminal trespassing once they were eventually caught. 

These were major news stories at the time. They were especially big in the sports world. So Goodell was likely aware of the league’s decision to suspend Portnoy… 

given that Goodell is the commissioner of the NFL. His response to the aforementioned question in reference to Portnoy’s suspension is bound to raise some eyebrows.