Hard to tell if Nadal is just extremely focused or if something is bothering him but he's not showing much emotion at all. He gets to 40-0 like a man in a rush with somewhere to be. Fritz gets two back, Nadal missing an easy volley at the net for the first time. Fritz then puts a backhand into the net.

*Rafael Nadal 3-6 3-0 Taylor Fritz

On the third point Fritz slips but still manages to hit a forehand from the floor! Nadal punishes him with a forehand winner, 15-30. Fritz makes a few silly mistakes and his last forehand of the game goes wide as Nadal gets an early break in this second set.

Rafael Nadal 3-6 2-0 *Taylor Fritz

Nadal has won his last two matches in straight sets but remember his opening two matches saw him win in four sets each. Nadal serves up another double fault, most unlike him, 15-15. He keeps his cool though to hold.

*Rafael Nadal 3-6 1-0 Taylor Fritz

A couple of big serves gets him to 30-0 and then he drills an ace. Three set points... he needs just one as he serves up another ace. What an impressive first set from the American.

Rafael Nadal 3-6 *Taylor Fritz   FRITZ WINS FIRST SET

Fritz gets to 15-30 with some brilliant play. Nadal had lured him in with a drop shot but Fritz's return kissed the base line and Nadal could only return it to the net as Fritz was waiting to smash it down the middle. Fritz soon has two break points and Nadal double faults! The Spaniard looks to the ground in frustration. Fritz has the chance to hold serve for the opening set.

*Rafael Nadal 3-5 Taylor Fritz

Nadal's volleying has been faultless so far, he hits another winner to get to 15-15. He then goes old school, a whipped forehand right down the line to win the next point. He does the same again and earns break point but Fritz cancels that out with a huge serve out wide. The 11th seed keeps his composure to hold.

Rafael Nadal 3-4 *Taylor Fritz

A chance for Fritz as two errors from Nadal get him to 0-30. The American unleashes a fierce forehand to the back left that Nadal can't return and earns himself three break points. Fritz hits long to miss the first one and the second goes begging as Nadal hits a two-handed backhand down the line he had no chance of getting.

*Rafael Nadal 3-3 Taylor Fritz

Nadal's level after a big serve Fritz can't return. He gets a fourth break point and takes it! Nadal came to the net but Fritz read him and placed his forehand shot beyond him.

*Rafael Nadal 3-3 Taylor Fritz

Ruthless from Nadal as he hits a cushioned volley and then a forehand winner down the line to get to 0-30. Fritz wins the next three points though from winners of his own and gets fortunate with the ball hitting the top of the net on the final point.

Rafael Nadal 3-2 *Taylor Fritz

Nadal hasn't got out of first gear yet and is looking extremely relaxed on his serve. One of the longest rallies of the match so far ends with Nadal putting a forehand long, 30-15. Nadal hammers home a double handed back hand from the net at the next point. He comes to the net again, this time Fritz tries to lob him but it's not high enough and Nadal smashes it back down into the grass to hold.

*Rafael Nadal 3-1 Taylor Fritz

Fritz gets to 30-0 as Nadal struggles to return the serves. Nadal then hits an easy forehand into the net before Fritz misses a similar shot that goes wide, 40-15. Fritz gets on the board with an ace to seal it.

Rafael Nadal 2-1 *Taylor Fritz

Nadal begins his first service game with an ace. Two backhand errors from Fritz follow before Nadal puts a forehand just wide, 40-15. Another big serve forces Fritz to return long.

*Rafael Nadal 2-0 Taylor Fritz