The reports were true: Capcom is, indeed, remaking Resident Evil 4.  The company revealed the project during the June 2022 State of Play  presentation, showing off a two-minute trailer full of familiar faces. 

While there are still plenty of details Capcom is keeping close to the  chest, there’s quite a bit we know about the upcoming remake. But when  will it launch and how will it play? And how will it stack up against the best games in the series? 

The remake of Resident Evil 4 is gearing up to launch March 24,  2023. As you might recall, this timing closely mirrors the windows of  the previous two Resident Evil remakes, both of which came out within  the first quarter of their respective launch years.  

As always, game development is tricky, and due to the coronavirus,  the remake could get delayed, but mainline Resident Evil games don’t  have a history of being pushed back, at least in recent memory. 

Capcom — specifically, Development Division 1 — is leading the charge on this project. This remake has reportedly been in the works since 2018, and was initially being developed by M-Two, a “Capcom-backed” studio that eventually was taken off the project. 

Resident Evil 4 remake was then brought in-house, likely to  ensure the highest level of quality. This information wasn’t publicly  announced, but numerous sources have reported on the development history  of this game. 

After the lukewarm reception to the Resident Evil 3 remake —  which was criticized for its short length and cutting content from the  original — Capcom will no doubt want to come out of the gate swinging  with Resident Evil 4

The publisher has also confirmed that “many team members” who worked on the Resident Evil 2 remake have returned to develop Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 remake marks the first entry in the series  coming exclusively to current-gen hardware: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series  X/S, and PC via Steam. 

Given how far we are into the current generation of hardware, it makes  sense that Capcom will be dropping support for PS4 and Xbox One, which  will both be nearly a decade old by the time Resident Evil 4 launches.