Former University of Purdue basketball star Caleb Swanigan, who played several seasons in the NBA, has died at age 25.

The Purdue men's basketball Twitter account announced the news, saying that Swanigan died Monday night. 

The Allen County Coroner's Office told Newsweek that Swanigan died of natural causes. 

"Devastated," the Purdue men's basketball account wrote. "Our thoughts and prayers to Caleb Swanigan's family and friends. 

Swanigan was born in Indianapolis and played basketball for Purdue in Indiana for two seasons from 2015 to 2017, averaging 14.4 points per game.

Swanigan was drafted by the NBA in 2017, selected 26th overall by the Portland Trail Blazers. 

Swanigan suffered from health issues, including weight gain, resulting in his retirement from the NBA after the 2020 season, according to CBS Sports. 

Basketball analyst Jeff Goodman also shared the news and wrote: "Such sad news to wake up to today. 

Former Purdue star and NBA player Caleb Swanigan has passed away. Swanigan was 25 years old. 

Speaking with ESPN in 2017, he shared that he experienced homelessness as a child, moving from homeless shelters to unstable housing situations while his mother raised six children. 

Swanigan said that he had an unhealthy relationship with food, saying, "You think it's something really small, but it just builds up. 

One meal won't kill you, but if it becomes three or four meals that are bad in a row, that's when it starts to hurt your body. 

After leaving the NBA, photos of Swanigan looking heavier brought significant criticism, causing Trail Blazers star guard Damian Lillard to call out the people who were making fun of Swanigan.