Brittney Griner briefly appeared in public Monday, and moved one step closer to facing trial on drug charges in Russia.

In a short court proceeding, a judge ordered Griner to be detained for the length of her trial, Griner's legal team told NPR. 

Griner's lawyer, Alexander Boikov, said that no trial date was set on Monday, but he anticipates formal hearings "should happen in a week or two." 

The news emerged from a preliminary court session that was closed to the public — but journalists did get a rare glimpse of Griner as the WNBA center walked through a hallway in the courthouse. 

The Phoenix Mercury and U.S. Olympic team star was bracketed by four security officers and a dog 

She was led down a stairwell to a courtroom for Monday's hearing — a process that was repeated in reverse less than an hour later, as Griner was returned to detention. 

Griner, who was handcuffed, did not respond to journalists' questions. At one point she simply shook her head as she continued walking. 

Griner, 31, has now been held in Russian custody for 130 days — an ordeal that began one week before Russia invaded Ukraine. 

Her detention repeatedly has been extended, and her request for home detention was denied. 

No U.S. Embassy officials were present for Monday's hearing. A representative for the U.S. 

Embassy told NPR that it was informed the session was a "closed administrative meeting" and Embassy staff would not be allowed to attend. 

"It was a technical hearing involving the prolongation of the arrest," Boikov said of the session. "Not more than that." 

The U.S. Embassy says American officials plan to attend the formal trial when hearings finally begin.