Vanessa Guillén

Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn proposed a bill to rename a Texas post office after Spc. Vanessa Guillén. The post  office is located in Houston, where Guillén was from, and would be  called the “Vanessa Guillén Post Office Building.”

The bill passed the House in May. Now, the two Texas senators have introduced the Senate companion.

In a press release, Cruz said he hopes renaming the Houston building  will commemorate Guillén and serve as a reminder that her death changed  the course of how sexual harassment and assault cases are dealt with in  the military. 

By renaming a Houston post office after this fallen soldier, we  commemorate Vanessa’s life, legacy, and service to our great nation,”  Cruz said. 

“Guillén’s sacrifice was the catalyst that lead to the Army implementing  meaningful change addressing the far too pervasive problem of sexual  assault and harassment across the entire service.” 

Guillén was a soldier at Fort Hood when she was murdered by another  soldier on the base in 2020. The suspect, Spc. Aaron Robinson, died by  suicide shortly after being approached by police.

According to Guillén’s family, the 20-year-old was being sexually harassed. A report showed she reported sexual harassment twice and wasn’t met with any action from her superiors. 

Her story ignited a #MeToo movement within the military, leading to the #IAmVanessaGuillén Act signed by President Biden that changed the way sexual harassment and assault are handled by the military. 

While Guillén’s impact would be honored by renaming the Houston post  office, her family continues to search for answers about her death as  they grapple with the “Dead Suspect Loophole.” 

The loophole keeps Guillén’s family from having access to evidence that could give them closure.